This Company Is Delivering Honest Financial Products To Underserved Customers

The average payday loan user made less than $25,000 last year, but spent over $500 in fees in that same timespan. With APR rates exceeding 40%, payday loans have been know to cripple families in under-resourced communities. For individuals in desperate need of a short term cash advance, there are few options in today’s marketplace.

FS Card Inc is on a mission to deliver honest mainstream financial products to underserved consumers. FS Card Inc enables these consumers to meet their everyday liquidity needs in a flexible, safe, and convenient way. Founded in 2014 by Marla Blow, FS Card Inc leverages advanced analytical techniques, sustainable product design, and behavioral incentives to offer a scalable unsecured credit product in a market where reasonably priced credit options are scarce. With upfront pricing, no hidden fees, and credit-building tools, FS Card Inc is able to help underserved consumers manage short-term cash flow needs. Reimagine the small dollar lending landscape with FS Card Inc’s Build Card. Check out FS Card Inc to discover how they are embracing FinTech to improve the way under-resourced borrowers access affordable credit.

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Author: James Russo

James Russo is a digital product manager with a passion for social entrepreneurship and transforming the financial services industry through design and technology.

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