FinTech is exploding at Georgetown University

When I started my MBA at Georgetown University in 2016, I joined pretty much every club imaginable. The Startup Club, the Tech Club, the Finance Club, the Marketing Club, the Consulting Club, the Social Impact Club… you name it, I joined. I was in search of friends, people with similar interests, and the classmates that would help me achieve life happiness and career success. 

Unfortunately, it was hard to find those people in the first few weeks of school. The kids in the finance club just wanted to land that elusive internship at an investment bank the next summer. The kids in the tech club all wanted to go work for Google, or Facebook, or Amazon. And yea, even the kids in the startup club didn’t share the same interests that I did… which was FinTech.

So I decided to create my own community, a group of students interested in startups, venture capital, and other organizations leveraging technology to transform the financial services space. Initially, I found three classmates that were crazy enough to take the journey with me, but along the way finding dozens of others that were interested in things like artificial intelligence, mobile product development, blockchain, investing, alternative lending, and crypto-currencies.

The experience of starting a club at Georgetown University has been my favorite experience thus far. In our first year, we’ve grown from a small group of four founding members to over 150 students representing both graduate and undergraduate programs. We’ve launched a monthly showcase series, which brings FinTech thought leaders to campus each month to share their experiences, ideas, and perspectives with our students. We created a newsletter that shares resources and opportunities with our classmates. We launched a blog, which highlights some of the amazing projects our students are working on. We helped Georgetown establish partnerships with incredible organizations, including ConsenSys, the FinTech Consortium, and the Chamber of Digital Commerce. We’ve hosted blowout events, including this year’s Token Revolution that brought together over 350 students, alumni, and industry professionals to discuss the token landscape, current regulatory environment, and investment opportunities in blockchain and crypto.

We’ve done all of this in just under 6 months! We’re so thrilled by these accomplishments and look forward to expanding our programming both on and off campus next year. If you’re interested in getting involved with Georgetown FinTech, you can discover more about our upcoming events at or hit us up in the contact form above.


Author: James Russo

James Russo is a digital product manager with a passion for social entrepreneurship and transforming the financial services industry through design and technology.

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