Ellevest Helps Women Achieve Their Investment Objectives

According to the Census Bureau, 70% of the nation’s personal financial advisors are male. Ask the CFPB, they’ll tell you that numbers closer to 77%. Others estimate the figure is over 80%. You think that might be a problem for women looking to invest their hard earned dough?¬†Women’s salaries are different than men’s, but not in the way you might initially think. Women’s salaries peak at age 40, versus men’s salaries which peak at 55. Continue reading “Ellevest Helps Women Achieve Their Investment Objectives”


Invest In Stocks That Align With Your Values Using Swell

For years, people have trusted their hard-earned savings with financial planners who develop programs that help their clients meet their investment objectives. As times change, customers needs do too, and today millennials seek investment options that represent their unique generational tastes and preferences. Millennials are marked by an increased connection to media, digital technology, and social consciousness, so it makes sense that their investing habits mirror this too. Companies like Swell investing are capitalizing on this opportunity by providing low cost investment options that align with the values that many millennials share. Continue reading “Invest In Stocks That Align With Your Values Using Swell”

Rethink What Your Money Can Do With Betterment

Most millennials still haven’t developed a good working relationship with the financial markets like mom and dad. Now in their 20s and early 30s, the people making up the nation’s largest generation have yet to embrace the concept of stock investing to meet long-term goals like funding retirement. One in three Millennials say they invest in stocks, a Bankrate.com survey found. And six in ten have less than $10,000 saved for their post-working years, according to Ramsey Solutions. Millennials say that investing is “too risky” or that “they don’t have enough spare income,” according to Stash. Well all of that is changing, thanks to the folks at Betterment, who are rethinking what your money can do for you in a simple, powerful way. Continue reading “Rethink What Your Money Can Do With Betterment”

Take The Scare, Fees, And Confusion Out Of Investing With Robinhood

For many millennials, the thought of paying expensive investment fees and commissions can be scary enough to discourage first time investors from entering the market. The days of paying $10 per trade are ending, thanks to the folks over at Robinhood, who are creating an investment platform for people looking to make their money more active. Continue reading “Take The Scare, Fees, And Confusion Out Of Investing With Robinhood”

Wealthfront Automates Your Financial Planning and Investing

Picking stocks and chasing market fluctuations may be exciting, but when it comes to long-term investing, you can’t expect to outperform the market. Even Warren Buffet agrees, stating in his annual letter to shareholders that “when trillions of dollars are managed by Wall Streeters charging high fees, it will usually be the managers who reap outsized profits, not the clients.” Continue reading “Wealthfront Automates Your Financial Planning and Investing”