Discover the secrets behind Stripe, the payments behemoth

When brothers Patrick and John Collison founded Stripe in 2010, John was just 19 years old and Patrick 21. Today, their payments platform is valued at over $9.2 billion and John has been named the world’s youngest self made billionaire (as of 2017).

Stripe’s platform facilitates billions of dollars in payments every year, empowering companies like Lyft, Target, Kickstarter, and Instacart. They’re the payments plumbing for these online retailers and service providers.

Stripe’s core product is just 7 lines of code, which can be pasted into your website in minutes, enabling you to power your e-commerce site in no-time.

This month, Stripe was featured on NPR’s podcast, ‘How I Built This.’ Check it out now on iTunes.


FinTech is exploding at Georgetown University

When I started my MBA at Georgetown University in 2016, I joined pretty much every club imaginable. The Startup Club, the Tech Club, the Finance Club, the Marketing Club, the Consulting Club, the Social Impact Club… you name it, I joined. I was in search of friends, people with similar interests, and the classmates that would help me achieve life happiness and career success.  Continue reading “FinTech is exploding at Georgetown University”

Investor Tribes is making finance fun, easy, and social for millennials

Did you know that 2/3’s of Americans are unable to pass a basic financial literacy test? The figure alarms me, yet I’ll be the first to admit that finance is tough… I’ve studied the subject the past ten years and still struggle to understand the math, lingo, and finding the best way to plan for my future. The funny thing is, as a result of not understanding their money, Americans prefer to stay quiet rather than ask questions. Continue reading “Investor Tribes is making finance fun, easy, and social for millennials”

FinTech is booming in 2018 and here’s what you need to know

You probably haven’t been able to avoid bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and ICO hype in 2018. If you have, kudos, kudos, but my social media newsfeeds are buzzing with messages from crypto-heads … and my email … let’s just say it’s spam central.

That said, the blockchain revolution is booming, putting FinTech at the forefront of Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and Capitol Hill discussions. Continue reading “FinTech is booming in 2018 and here’s what you need to know”

Invest In Stocks That Align With Your Values Using Swell

For years, people have trusted their hard-earned savings with financial planners who develop programs that help their clients meet their investment objectives. As times change, customers needs do too, and today millennials seek investment options that represent their unique generational tastes and preferences. Millennials are marked by an increased connection to media, digital technology, and social consciousness, so it makes sense that their investing habits mirror this too. Companies like Swell investing are capitalizing on this opportunity by providing low cost investment options that align with the values that many millennials share. Continue reading “Invest In Stocks That Align With Your Values Using Swell”