Discover Answers To Everyday Financial Questions On NerdWallet

Everyone at one point or another you will face a tough financial choice in your life. How do I get a mortgage? What is the best credit card for me? Do I have enough money to retire? In 2009, NerdWallet set out to answer these questions [and more] for everyday Americans. Continue reading “Discover Answers To Everyday Financial Questions On NerdWallet”

What To Wear When Pitching VC’s

Founder Collective is a seed-stage VC fund that has invested in companies like Uber, Buzzfeed, MakerBot, HotelTonight, SeatGeek, and PillPack. Collective Wisdom is a podcast designed to highlight the unique attributes that make exceptional companies, well, exceptional. Each episode provides strategies and tactics you can apply to your startup or job.

Listen now to find out what to wear when pitching VCs.

How Peter Thiel Suggests You Build The Future

No matter what you’ll be doing this summer, there’s no better way to find that much needed rest and relaxation than by curling up with a good book on the beach, by a lake, or in your very own backyard. I just finished a great new book titled Zero to One by Peter Thiel. Continue reading “How Peter Thiel Suggests You Build The Future”