Ellevest Helps Women Achieve Their Investment Objectives

According to the Census Bureau, 70% of the nation’s personal financial advisors are male. Ask the CFPB, they’ll tell you that numbers closer to 77%. Others estimate the figure is over 80%. You think that might be a problem for women looking to invest their hard earned dough?¬†Women’s salaries are different than men’s, but not in the way you might initially think. Women’s salaries peak at age 40, versus men’s salaries which peak at 55. Continue reading “Ellevest Helps Women Achieve Their Investment Objectives”

Save On Your Subscriptions [And A Whole Lot More] With Trim

Millennials are leading the way in the subscription economy. A new study from payments processor Vantiv shows that 70% of millennials have a product subscription and 89% have a service subscription. Subscriptions make purchasing simple in a time when we’re all constantly bombarded with an overabundance of choice. Continue reading “Save On Your Subscriptions [And A Whole Lot More] With Trim”

Invest In Stocks That Align With Your Values Using Swell

For years, people have trusted their hard-earned savings with financial planners who develop programs that help their clients meet their investment objectives. As times change, customers needs do too, and today millennials seek investment options that represent their unique generational tastes and preferences. Millennials are marked by an increased connection to media, digital technology, and social consciousness, so it makes sense that their investing habits mirror this too. Companies like Swell investing are capitalizing on this opportunity by providing low cost investment options that align with the values that many millennials share. Continue reading “Invest In Stocks That Align With Your Values Using Swell”

Discover How PayPal CEO Dan Shulman Uses Martial Arts To Combat Financial Exclusion

Success! How I Did It is a podcast from Business Insider that offers revealing conversations with today’s most inspiring business, sports, entertainment, and government leaders. In August, host Alyson Shontell sat down with PayPal CEO Dan Shulman to discuss how he went from a $14,000 salary to running 3 public companies.¬† Continue reading “Discover How PayPal CEO Dan Shulman Uses Martial Arts To Combat Financial Exclusion”

Combating Financial Exploitation With EverSafe

Financial exploitation is a fast-growing form of abuse of seniors and adults with disabilities. Recent research shows that one in nine seniors have reported being abused, neglected or exploited in the past twelve months. Scams have grown increasingly more deceptive with the expansion of the internet – 156 million phishing emails are sent every day – and unfortunately seniors are most vulnerable to online attacks because their generation has received the least internet training. Continue reading “Combating Financial Exploitation With EverSafe”

Adding Transparency To Charity At MARK Labs

In the United States, approximately $400 billion was donated to charity last year. Over $1.2 trillion was mobilized around the globe by charitable funders and impact investors. But where does this money go? How is it being used? MARK Labs aims to answer these questions and more by capturing, analyzing, and communicating social impact data in real time. Continue reading “Adding Transparency To Charity At MARK Labs”