Discover Answers To Everyday Financial Questions On NerdWallet

Everyone at one point or another you will face a tough financial choice in your life. How do I get a mortgage? What is the best credit card for me? Do I have enough money to retire? In 2009, NerdWallet set out to answer these questions [and more] for everyday Americans. Continue reading “Discover Answers To Everyday Financial Questions On NerdWallet”


What To Wear When Pitching VC’s

Founder Collective is a seed-stage VC fund that has invested in companies like Uber, Buzzfeed, MakerBot, HotelTonight, SeatGeek, and PillPack. Collective Wisdom is a podcast designed to highlight the unique attributes that make exceptional companies, well, exceptional. Each episode provides strategies and tactics you can apply to your startup or job.

Listen now to find out what to wear when pitching VCs.

Never Worry About Leaving Your Credit Card At The Bar Again With Rooam

Tired of waiting to get the bartender’s attention when you’re trying to close out your tab? Or even worse, hate waking up in the morning after a late night out, only to discover that you accidentally left your credit card at the bar?

So is the team at Rooam, the app that lets you to take control of your night by opening, paying, and closing your tab directly from your mobile phone. Continue reading “Never Worry About Leaving Your Credit Card At The Bar Again With Rooam”

Wealthfront Automates Your Financial Planning and Investing

Picking stocks and chasing market fluctuations may be exciting, but when it comes to long-term investing, you can’t expect to outperform the market. Even Warren Buffet agrees, stating in his annual letter to shareholders that “when trillions of dollars are managed by Wall Streeters charging high fees, it will usually be the managers who reap outsized profits, not the clients.” Continue reading “Wealthfront Automates Your Financial Planning and Investing”